Our process makes creating your own personal Custom Wedding Essentials™ Collection easy and exciting:
Using the “pattern style” design examples and working directly with us through phone and email, you’ll help create your own personal Bride’s Pattern™ and Couple’s Crest™ in the style, colors and theme that you want. We’ll email you designs to choose from, and then, for your final approval, ship you a fabric proof printed with your pattern and crest.
Then, you simply select all of the items that you would like to purchase. We’ll custom create each one with your Bride’s Pattern™ and Couple’s Crest™ and send them to you in plenty of time for your wedding.
That’s all it takes to create a beautifully designed, perfectly coordinated fairytale wedding!

Step One
The first step to creating your own Custom Wedding Essentials™ Collection is designing your custom Bride’s Pattern™. Our designers will work with you to create a design that matches your colors, your theme and your own personal sense of style. We will e-mail your custom pattern to you in about 3-4 weeks.

Look through our Bride’s Pattern™ design samples to choose a style or feel that you like.

Bride’s Pattern™ is Available in Four Customization Tiers
1 - You can choose a pattern and have it recreated in your colors.
2 - You can have the pattern design elements modified along with the colors.
3 - You can create a fresh, new totally custom design just for you.
4 - You can simply choose one of our stock patterns and colors
     (shown in the large design samples).

If you choose to go totally custom, call or e-mail us to discuss your wedding style (traditional, contemporary, casual, etc.) and/or theme. You can also e-mail us an example of a style that you like or an image of an item that will inspire your design.

Step Two
Choose your main, secondary and accent colors from our color chart, and we’ll ensure that your Custom Wedding Essentials™ Collection coordinates beautifully. If you’re planning on using only one or two colors, that’s fine, too.

Step Three
Look through our Couple’s Crest™ design samples to choose a style or feel that you like best. Your Couple’s Crest™ will be custom designed for you based on the Bride’s Pattern™ you like, your colors, your theme and the name option you select (full names, initials, etc.).

Step Four
Design Payment
We request a 50% deposit of the design fee (Bride’s Pattern™ and Couple’s Crest™) to get started.

We’ll develop both your Bride’s Pattern™ and Couple’s Crest™ and send them to you to discuss via e-mail.

When you’ve chosen your favorite design, we’ll refine and finish it. Then, we’ll send you a printed fabric proof for your final approval.

Step Five
The balance of the design fee is due upon the receipt and approval of your finished fabric proof.
We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express.
Please allow approximately 1 month for design creation.


Step Six
Now that the designs of your new Bride’s Pattern™ and Couple’s Crest™ are finished, we will use them to create your entire Custom Wedding Essentials™ Collection!
We offer over 30 unique items that are designed to work together beautifully. The greater the variety of products you order, the more visually coordinated and memorable your wedding will be. If you don’t see something on our list that you would like, let us know. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request.
Best of all, we take care of everything. Your order will be produced, checked, packed and shipped right to you to await your big day.
Browse through our collection of custom items. You may add or remove products from your shopping cart at any time…so, go ahead and play with options. When you have made your final selections simply go to checkout. You’ll be asked to confirm your purchase and then we’ll get started!

We request that all products are paid for at the time that they are ordered.

We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

Allow 2 months to produce your purchased selections.